Gutter shaving

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Jul 26, 2010
Just wondering if anyone has shaved the gutter down on their pig before. Mine has had a bit of rust in it over the years and there are parts of it that are just plain missing. I'm talking about the lip that is folded up about 8mm. I'm thinking of just cutting that off all the way around. Stops water pooling there and causing further rust down the line.
I'm personally going to keep mine factory looking. What I'm going to end up doing is sand blasting the gutter and re sealing the seam. Then I'm going to por15 the whole gutter area, then prime and paint. Should hopefully stop the rust issue.

Have you checked out bobm gutter replacements?
I think the problem in gutter shaving is a structural problem. The roof is a skin welded to the gutter who is welded to the internal longitudinal structure. Gutter shaving means you must find a replacement solution to attach the roof to the structure. How to manadge this if you have (or not) rust. and how do you know the extend of the rust? and a hidden weld easy to hide (in the gutter )become a visible welding area.
Personnaly I had no question, the roof was complietly rotten, and needed major (long and harrassing ) work.
Second problem is aesthetical. A pig without gutters?? Anyone have his opinion.
Have been looking at on the 80, which is similar, and it'd be a major undertaking that'd have to be done in small steps, but is possible.

Problem with it and Pigs is it does serve a purpose and removal would put the door seal being the only line of defense, since it's so far outside the roof's envelope, unlike other vehicles that lack the seam.
i don't mean cut the entire gutter off. Just cut the little bit that is folded up in the gutter. Considering a food good chunks of it are already missing. It shouldn't affect the structural nature of it and given that it sits further out compared to the doors it shouldn't make for much of a risk in getting excess water into the cab. I've seen bobs gutter replacement and i like it, but if i'm going to cut it off and reweld it then i'd have to do the roof as well and quite frankly at the moment i don't have the skills or tools to do it as well as i'd want it to be done.
Are you talking of cutting thre folded part of the gutter. You cannot drive a car with blades around it ? do you?
yeah just that folded part. Interesting point about the "blades" though

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