Guess this part on my 3B

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Apr 4, 2005
Inland Empire
No there will be no pictures. It's connected to the engine of my 1981 BJ42.

It's on the same side as brake fluid resevoir and the steering column. It's midway down to the bottom and has a round metal cap. On the cap it has two pictures. One with a red "X" on it showing it popping out a little, one without the "X" showing it 'more down' in the tube. It seems like a plug of some sort.

Anyway, today I tried twisting it. Thought it was threaded, now I don't. I tried pulling it.. and it came out a bunch but not all the way... now it doesn't want to go it.. looking like the picture with the red "X" on it. I've driven it a few miles since and it seems okay, however, when I first loosened it before driving again, some thing oil seemed to seap out from between the tube and metal plug.

McGyvers out there... come to my aid!
I'm assuming you're talking about a Left hand drive rig ( big assumption these days) It sounds like you are describing the hand primer. You may need to open the bleeder screw ( above the fuel filter) to relieve a little pressure to close it again or you could it while its running.

It should be right by the i in the ih8mud watermark right?
topend yobbo said:
If you dont know what it is you shouldent be touching it.

check roj... my lame self was looking for the oil dip stick when playing with the "hand primer"... thank you all for the help.. it is awesome to be in the presence of such true warrior jedis....

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