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Jul 4, 2004
Indianapolis, IN
Who's making the trip to GSMTR this year? The dates are getting closer, and we may want to start planning menus, itinerary, etc. I just finished up my TBI conversion and I am ready to go!

The hooker and I'd love to go again, but we're savin' $ and vacation time this year.:frown:
Registration has already been confirmed and time off of work is OKed. If we have half as much fun as last year it will be a blast.
Sorry to here our club girlfriend won't be there this year we will miss you. ( Oh, and you too AJ).

OK, Clint looks like we will have a smaller group than last year. If I remember correctly its you,Jimmy, Carl,Page(mid week), Tim(possibly mid week),and myself. Richard was thinking about it realy hard when we left BADLANDS Sat. so maybe him and his brother Johnny.

My plans are to head down Sunday morning and get there and have every thing set up before dark. Then come home the following Sat. (possible Sun.) No rafting for me this year, it was fun but I didn't sign up this year. Maybe we can set up a day to meet the KY group somewhere and wheel with them for the day.

I just need to know if we want to go in together on the food like we did last year or not. Also what is you guys travel plans? Are you going down through Nashville or not?

Any one I've left out please chime in.

what I know so far...

So far the only attendees for sure are me, Carl and you. Ron said he may be interested in a couple of days as well as Tim. Richard is also a maybe as far as I know. If anyone is thinking about the trip, they need to chime in soon. We can still split the meals and cooking duties if you want. I think it makes it easier in the long run.

Carl and I are talking about going down Sunday morning like you are. He's working on a large trailer, so I may be lucky enough to get a tow this year. I'm not sure of the route, but whatever we did last year was better than what Jimmy and I did the year before.

It's just two weeks away, and I am soooooo ready to go! I don't really see a need to haul down the big club shelter this year unless we get some more committment from other members. I may buy a smaller shelter just to keep us out of any rain that could pop up. I will definitely have the Margarita supplies too! It is a dry county, so to avoid a long drive, make sure to plan ahead.

I would love to go......but, long story short, my rig will be in surgery for a while.
Have a great time!!

I do have a small shelter, about 8x8 (I think) but no sides on it, that I can bring. Our grill didn't survive the winter so I can't bring a grill, but I do have two propane tanks for a grill. Iwill call Richard and see what he has decided. Also Woody will be at THe Cliffs outside Chicago on the 12th then heading to GSMTR from there, we might see if they want to jump in on a caravan on the way down. For me it is a easy 7 hour drive straigt south to Nashville then Chatanoga and across to Murphy.

Now I just have to fix the exhaust I tore up last week. Then go through the truck and trailer and be ready to go.

I would love to go but i have to many problems at home right now.
I know that I won't be able to make it. No funds, no Vacation time. But I did have a blast at Badlands. I am planning on attending the events in Sept., Nov., and December. Any set date for the July event? I have to schedule so far in advance for time off it's crazy. Have a great time and be safe. Later , Tony.
Exhaust is fixed, a real "booty" fab job but it will work for next week because it will be changed when the SM420 goes in.

Richard is to call me Friday to let me know if he is going or not, I'll let you know from there.

Hijack, sorry.........Mark, SM420? Excuse my ignorance, is that a diesel?
Hijack, sorry.........Mark, SM420? Excuse my ignorance, is that a diesel?

SM420 = Transmission. It's a popular swap to achieve lower gearing.

RJ here from the BG cruiser bunch. Looks like Johnnie and I will be heading down on either Sunday or Monday, not sure which yet. Rodd, PBR and TJK on Wednesday(I think)
and not sure about anybody else. I missed the last meeting.... So lets go wheeling sometime during the week. Hope all is well with everybody and take care.See ya soon.

Our grill didn't survive the winter so I can't bring a grill, but I do have two propane tanks for a grill.


I'm out for GSMTR this year as I've already committed to CMCC. BUT I do have a propane grill I can donate to the cause. IIRC it is a nice grill that got replaced because the family wanted a bigger grill not 'cause we burned it up. If you wanna fool with it I can bring it to Carl's shop.

Let me know...

Nick Jennings

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