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Sep 21, 2005
Your $65 fee includes: Event T-shirt, Event Sticker, 6 nights of camping in the event area, Thursday nights cook out and refreshments, Friday nights BBQ meal and a Driver Raffle ticket. The Tuesday-Thursday Expedition Run is filling up, so register early if you want a spot. Your daily use fees are collected by the park
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:clap: awesome event, people, location, and park :) :cheers:
Yes indeed an awesome event !:)
Top of my list :cheers:
Last day to pre-register for GSMTR
You can register on site but may not get one of this years great shirts and the price will be higher.
Register at

TBT- My father in laws 63 FJ-40 with Robert Theurer sitting on the hood, this is the truck that started the insanity. Come to GSMTR and see how much Rob has grown .Our T-shirt guy has give us a few more days before he needs the order so registration is open through 19 April:. register at
Great photo Roger funny how the old Toys become like family. My son balled when we let our 78 FJ40 go and any mention of transitioning into something else from the 80 we've been making trips in the last 7 years is answered in a resounding NO. I get attached but I think he's more attached than I am or just fond of all the memories made with those rigs he doesn't consider anything else a worthy replacement. He was 6 then he's 14 now. We'll miss GSMTR for a Grand Canyon run be we love the event and especially the new park its awesome. Have a GREAT event :cheers:

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