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Registration is open! Registration | GSMTR 2019

More to come.

Cabin --- Wednesday, 15 - Sunday, 19 --- Our duplex cabin got booked from under us, so we have a fresh spot. 3 bedroom/2 bath, bigger deck and lawn since it is a standalone. There are 2 queens, one with a twin above, and 2 other pairs of twin bunks. That is sleeping room for 9. When the beds fill up, we will also add the couch if needed.

Pricing: $150 per spot, first come first served. The only beds that can be called are the queens if you reserve two spots and call it.

Plagiarized from last year:
If you don't want to sleep in the cabin and want to sleep in a tent outside and just hang with us you can and still be able to use the bathroom, shower, and kitchen. Will do this on a talk to me basis. There is not a lot of room but probably enough for 3-4 tents. You could also do a trailer or rooftop tent. I'll ask for 40 if you want to do that but understand if the park says we can't have tents around the cabin you will have to move. Never happened but you never know. Also don't bring dogs. We are just asking for it bringing one. Lets not give them a reason to loose our cabin. As far as kids and the ladies. Well I'll put it this way. This is one of those events I usually drink at and we are usually loud and obnoxious. You would be best served in finding accommodations outside or in another private cabin.

Payments will be made to paypal. We are your friend, so please send the money that way so we don't get hit with processing fees. Also note I have added a little money on to the price as we will buy bottled water, groceries (breakfast) and sandwich meat and snacks with it. Also note that once paid you cannot back out. If we do not make capacity and you cannot come no one will be allowed to take your place. Only when we are all full can someone in the club take your place.

1: @Trollhole - Paid
2: @ceby - Paid
3: @aquatech3 - Paid
4: @forrest5000 - Paid
5: @greenseaman - Paid
6: @dbenke - Paid
7: @dbenke - Paid (Queen reserved)
8: @scott johnson - Paid
9: @NamelessStain - Paid


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I have registered and was wondering about the cabin too! I'd like a spot maybe 2 if I can talk my wife into going again! Just let me know! Thanks guys! ( ok so I see the more to come now! LOL! sorry for being so impatient!)
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