Grrr toyota

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Oct 4, 2006
Buckley, WA
Just pissed off right now.
The ECU is going out in Andrea's matrix. 100k and the f:mad::mad:k:mad::mad:g Ecu WTF:mad:
I'm not so sure i'd buy a new toyota anytime in the near future (except a truck). Everyone I know with a passenger car built after 99 is having or has had tons of trouble with it. Almost wish we would have kept Andrea's Blazer (too much gas though) Only thing that went wrong with that was an intake leak at 160k. $10 part and an easy fix.

This ECU thing seems to be a very common problem but no recall has been issued. (toyota takes forever to do recalls it seems) Only a TSB that states if it happens before 80k then they will replace it. Oh well. Same thing happened to my buddy with an 05 corolla and had it at 82k and toyota wouldn't replace it. $1200 it was fixed.

Thanks to Chris at Fred Anderson I am going to be about halfing that. thanks Chris :cheers:. Makes me glad with have a friend who is a parts man and supports the club.

Was going to pay down some of the mountain of debt with it but oh well SH:mad:T happens.

Rant off

Still love the cruiser and yota trucks.... just not sure about their cars anymore.
Sorry to hear it brother. Know what you mean though. Not too sure how much longer the engine in the wifes is going to last and it is an 05. Been to the dealer about it over 12 times for the same thing.
That really sucks...ECUs should be the last think to break and never be a 'maintenance item'.

We haven't had any problems with Steph's 09 Camry yet (~30k miles). Had the sticky pedal recall done but will not give up the all weather floor mats (only a dumbass would install them on top of the original mats).

But in hindsight seeing all the bad press about these cars, we would have bought something else, probably a FJC. After the trip to OBX last week and her seeing Cinder's, we might be trading up for one in the near future (thanks Brett :grinpimp:).

If Toyota would've been a bit more on the proactive versus reactive side, this huge media issue never would've been an issue and their brand would be just as strong as ever. All cars have issues...the difference is how the manufacturers handle them.
I had to go pick up my parents yesterday. They have an '05 Camry with less than 40K miles. I pulled the code and it was the accelerator position sensor. Instead of speeding up, it went into limp mode and would not rev up.

My Dad would like to have his 197X Oldmobile Cutlass back. I told him he must have memory loss.

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