Grinding Noise

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Mar 7, 2007
Brick, NJ
Hey I have a metal on metal sound almost like two pieces of metal are grinding against each other. The sound cannot be heard outside the truck only inside like the body is amplifying it. It only happens during hard breaking and quick reversing so I'm guessing when the front suspension compresses/ force moves things forward. I thought it might be a body mount but they appear to be tight. Any ideas?

PS: The noise got worse when I took the bed of my truck off.
Hmmm top of shocks sounds like a good place to start... Possibly loosened up front when my axle hopped and my IFS travel maxed out.

Gas Neck is secure.

What spare tire? :D
Have you checked your brakes? Sometimes the squeakers in the front don't "squeak" like they should but make a grinding sound, same with rear drums sticking etc. They can be speed/steering/and jolt related. I've had it happen on the front and the rear, usually drum brake shoes going bye bye though. I've also had a caliper that was a little sticky not return like it should until the truck got going and also while slowing down make a similar sound. Also the reverse thing points me towards drums, they tighten up when you drive backwards, and when you pull the ebrake. Just giving you my "grind" related experiences.
What should I do to address the problem do pads?
replace the pads, and hardware.
hopefully the factory shims are still in place. if not, its ok, use the ones the new pads come with.

all 4 new pads have shims. 2 have a pair of sqeekers. these go on the inside.
the other pads are installed with the squeeker on the bottom.
The noise is definatly coming from the front of the truck and I havent had it in 4wd in months.

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