GregFrench sighting!

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Mar 30, 2005
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Hey, buddy. I passed you as you were traveling north on 17 yesterday. Right after I passed through Georgetown. I was headin South on my way back from Raleigh(Panic shows) via Wilmington. I honked and flashed my lights frantically, but I don't think you saw me. I was in my white 80.
How was WP? They still got George or have they moved on? Haven't see them in a while. Somehow Mikey's passing took the fun out of it for me. Wish they'd recruit Derek Trucks. I saw him sit in with them at one of the New Years shows a while back and it really worked well.
Still love the screen name and avatar. What a love tractor my FJC's becoming.
They got Jimmy Herring and he is downright sick on the guitar. He and JB would be play facing one another and it was awe-inspiring.:eek:
You should get to a show. Like clockwork, I'll be in Raleigh next year.:flipoff2:

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