green diamond tires

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Aug 17, 2005
Hey all-

In my search for new tires I have come across an interesting find. Talking to a local tire man in search of Cooper STTs, which cost $1000 for 4!! :doh: we shot down several other tires before he remembered the Green Diamond. I have ice and snow, drifts and level accumulation, wet and dry pavement, mud, ruts and berms banks and ditches to traverse from town to home at the farm.

Anyone have experience with the Green Diamond tires? They are recapped tires made off 3 existing models of tire: old used Bridgestone revos, Yokohama M/Ts and another tire I don't recognize.

The old tires are recapped, re-treaded and carbide chips are embedded uniformly through the new rubber in the tread giving the tire superior bite into ice. Apprently they were disigned in Iceland to deal with all weather conditions. They are all year all terrain extreme weather tires and they are recycled to boot.

Sounds too good to be true @ just under $500 for 4.

Is it?
I posted this question a few months ago and got alot of positive responses on these retreads. Capping has come along way in the last decade and they seem to do just fine, especially for the money
What sizes do these tires come in? - The largest that they come in is a 31x10.5.

It sounds like a great idea. Are they strictly winter tires?

We have all seen recapped semi tires split all over the highways. Is there any concern of this happening to us with these tires?

Sorry for the noobish questions.
I dont think the cap comes off like they do on semis. Like I said all reports suggest that they are solid without the common misconceptions that alot of people have about them. I guess it is to each his own. Me, I'd give them a try. Alot of guys had put alot of trouble free miles on them
all season

hey guys-

What I've heard is that the GDs are all year tires. the carbide chips are just an extra added feature to help with ice, otherwise, they are basically exact dupes of Bridgestone AT Revos or Geolandar MTs. The chips to not hamper summer driving at all and make the revo's better in wet conditions which, i have heard, is their primary weakness.

After reading the threads, I have decided to give them a try. My driveway is about as slick as fun as you can get right now, especially with all the thawing and freezing we have had this winter. The worst part of it is that ypu have to come to a complete stop before turning onto it so you have no momentum at all. Right now there is loose muddy large gravel to 8 inch rock chunks at the road going up a steep incline around a 90 degree turn then there is about 200 feet of steady shallow incline of mud and ruts then the rest is curvy rutty, incline with 2 inch thick slick ice that is impossible to walk up or down. you either walk through the woods, or drive. 1/4 mile in all with all kinds of drop offs and grassy mud spots to turn off onto on the way up.

next week it could be solid ice all the way up or any combo of ice and snow you can imagine. as good place as any to test for ice and AT performance.

I will post my thoughts on the tires mid-winter when I have gotten a good idea about em.

re: Chopping up. The only problems that have been reported about these tires is that they rarely go out of round. Rarely.

guinea pig... out. :grinpimp:
Aircraft tires are recaps and they hold up just fine
Is it true that they cannot guarrantee you getting 4 tires with the same info on the side wall. (might be 2 or 3 different brands that were used to make the tires. thus BFG might be one tire and bridgestone another?)

I have seen that website b/f and thought they were decent, but I certainly wouldnt want mismatched sidewall writing on the tires. Even if it was blackwalls.

I do wish they had more options for 33's or 35's. I usually go with used tires, but havent run any yet, been colecting :) . But I am about to use my 33 BFG MT's after those go I may have a line on some old school Dick Cepek FC (If I get them) after those go if I still want larger I will prob go up to 35's. Unless I sell either set :) Wife gets a little finacy when you have 2 sets + 4 extras in the garage.

If anyone gets these give us an update on them. size, tread, do they match, how is the wear, etc!!
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Some of the recap/retread/whatever guys actually mold another ply right from bead to bead. The tire gets a new tread pattern, sidewall info, etc. The days of vulcanizing a 'cap' onto an old tire are gone I think. They really are completely referbished now.

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