greasing schackles

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Apr 23, 2009
New Mexico
I pumped the schackles full (i think) of grease when installed and just recently got a creaking/whining from them when there is movement. Wondering what technique people were using to make sure they were full of grease? I was thinking drive for a bit with 8 50# sand bags in the back take them out and grease everything put them in and grease again all around then put the bags in and grease for the last time? Any thougt as to greasing techniques?


I just squirt the grease in until I see it coming out somewhere. Did you torque the shackles and pins down after you had it down off the jacks? If not, if you torqued the shackles and pins while the truck weight was not on them, you might try loosening them and then torquing them down with the weight on them.
I have broken loose and retorqued everything a few weeks ago before I put grease in. I was wondering if cycling the suspension while putting grease in make any difference or just pump more grease in?

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