Grand Junction and then on to Moab

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Nov 25, 2007
Divide, Colorado
The club has a trip planned for Grand Junction Memorial weekend. I will be off the whole week and Moab is just 90 minutes away so I am planning to head to Moab after Grand Junction.
Anyone want to come along?:bounce:
No.....I was planning on going to CM09 but my work is having two weeks of shutdowns per quarter so they are setting my time off.
Darwin (white FJ80 (the one that made it through carnage)) is interested but won't know for sure for another week or so. He works at the same place I do so he is off he same week but he needs check the plan with his wife.
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Hi all. Let me know when you all will be here. I am up for a trip. I am trying to make cruise moab this year. Got to get some projects finished up and try to get some time off.
The 21 Road trip is 2 1/2 weeks away. What day should we run 21 Road? I am open to running it on Saturday or Sunday. I will assume that most people will want to travel to Grand Junction on Saturday, run 21 Road on Sunday and travel back home on Monday?

Please post up if you are planning on going and what schedule works for you.
I've been kicking this trip around for a while. Still not sure if i'm coming along or not....the wife has family in town. If i do end up coming along, it would be easier for me to drive out saturday morning (probably wouldn't leave 'till 9 with the family and all) stay the night, have a good time, wheel sunday, and drive home sunday night. I really can't take monday off.

Don't anyone make any plans around my schedule though, nothing is certain.
I wonder if I can find a place in Grand Junction to find some new friends to play with?
GJ 21 Road also Bangs & Billings Canyons...

I'll be there. I have talked to the new GJ club, Bookcliff Cruisers, prez, and he likes the idea of the run. Their next meeting will be May 19th, and hopefully I can get an idea who in the GJ club is game to go along.

And don't forget that Bangs and Billings canyons are just South of GJ and offer some good wheeling. I see lots of capable rigs around town, but I've not had time to take the FJ40 to these canyons yet. I'll continue looking for friends who want to play on the area trails!

I'm in CS this week, and no cruiser here!

Oh good new friends to play with. Now what do you do with your old friends when your get new ones. Can you recycle them some place?
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Maybe I should hang onto my old friends until the warranty period ends on the new friends just in case the new friends don't hold up was well as expected.
and don't forget that sometimes any friends can be cycled and/or recycled into the mix when old frineds fail to materialize and new friends fail to be able to understand what is needed. We aren't even going to touch on the gnu friends class, as sometimes they tend to know everything about everything. Whatever the friend class, its generally more fun with 'em then without 'em, with the possible exception of the last friend class mentioned above...

Guick note on the Bookcliff Cruisers, they have a site at Book Cliff Cruisers - Home - (for some reason I can't get the hyper link to work.)

So where do these guys meet at. I have singed their list more than once and never heard from them. Been trying to find someone to wheel with around here but no luck. The guys I work with all have jeeps and no matter how many times I tell them barbie won't be mad if they scratch them they still won't go. How many are coming down. I was planning on going to vail to camp but this sounds like more fun. I talked to hugh a safari he might make it too.
We are now 10 days out from the trip and so far it sounds like I will be the only one from Colorado Land Cruisers to make the trip.
21 rd run

Nope, you'll not be the only one. I return to GJ the 16th or so. I'll attend the Bookcliff Cruisers meeting on the 19th to see if anyone will be going along, and hopefully minisrule, Andy, will be over too. Sounds like benw4x4 will be there also.

The meet point last time was at the trailhead, which is about 2 or 3 miles north of where 21 road crosses the highline canal. (And the canal is about 6 miles north of 6&50 and 21 rd) There is a nice place to camp here, and it is dry, desert camping. Sounds like the 24th, Sunday would be the prefered day too, and the time should be 8:30am to 9am I'd guess.

There are lots of motels, to go camping in style, although with this being memorial day weekend, they could already be full. The closest one to I70 and exit 26, for 22 road, is West Gate Inn (970) 231-3020,

Give me a call if you need more info.

I went out to Rainbow Falls on Sunday. Had a great time on the steps and a couple of other rocks but the ride home had lots of vibrations! I looked under it when I got back to Woodland Park but didn't see any damage so I was getting nervious that I lost a bearing in the transfer case. That night I decided I had to find the problem so I jacked up the rear end and looked underneth to see if I could find the problem. As soon as I looked at the drive shaft I saw a nice dent that must have been on top when I looked in Woodland Park. No need to look any farther. Drive Line Specialist fixed up the drive shaft today and I am back on the road again.

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