Got her running but need Help

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Oct 12, 2005
Flatwater, NC
I just dropped and replaced the fuel tank on my new project truck a 87 FJ60 and have her running. It was a daily driver that needed the gas tank (warranty already done), which I got from a gravious mud member.

I picked it up for peanuts from a mechanic that confiscated it (title lean situation). It has a new (unadjusted) carb which was why it was in the shop. As I said it was a daily driver before this as I spoke with the previous owner and mechanic (no love loss there between the two). I have rerubbered all the vac lines and think I got them back in the right spots which I will confirm with the diagrams I have pulled while searching. The truck cranks and runs but I have noticed/done the following:

1) High idle at startup w/ choke full on 2,300+ rpm
2) Adjustments to the idle mixture screw does not affect performance noticeably w/ vac gauge and no rpm drop or rise. Started at 3 full turns out from being seated.
3) Max manifold vac is 13" of mercury, steady, measured off the egr modulator and/or intake manifold tubes (low in my experience)
4) I have even advanced the timing thinking it may be late and no change in vac gauge.
5) Can not get it to idle below 1,000 rpm, fully warmed up, choke off, Idles somewhat rough and smelly. Wants to stall below 1,000rpm.
6) Compression good, dizzy/rotor OEM looks good, plugs not fouled (bosch unfortunately) and relatively new looking, yazaki wires look good.
7) Fuel tank, pickup and filter are clean. Do not think it is a fuel related issue until you get to the carb maybe.

I have tried the lean drop stuff but can not even get started if the mixture screw makes no change in performance.

Noticed that the electrical connector at the carb (idle mixture circuit?) has what looks like a severed or burnt wire. There are two in the connector but there is one below that that is bare on the end and not connected to anything...Is this a ground of some sort ? Looks like 3 wires total, one not hooked to anything.
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