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Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by Seminole, Jan 9, 2004.

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    Mar 28, 2003
    ???Have a few unrelated questions I hope someone can help out with.
    1) window question - on the runner that attaches to the lift arm and the window, does the rubber filler that holds the glass in the channel need to have adhesive on it? When the original came aprt there was what seemd to be old adhesive on the filler. Also on the runner, are there caps/stops on the lifting arm channel to contain the wheel. I checked through my FSM but all it has is the measurement for placement of the channel and the removal and installation instructions. Reason I ask is that every time I have fixed it (pasenger side rear), it only works a few times and pops off the runner and the window comes down.
    2) tensioner pulleys and AC idler (on 3FE) - the 2 tensioner pulleys ( 1 off the PS-smog belt and the one on the AC belt), what is the life expectancy on these. I know the AC idler/guide is bad but what is (if any) the take on the other two? I have a PITA howling from my belts that is driving me crazy. I have OEM belts, tensioned properly, bled PS system and replaced fluid, have a rebuilt smog pump.....I can't nail this down. :mad: It sounds like pulley noise. I guess it could be the water pump making noise also but I have no symptoms of water pump failure imminent.
    I am going to replace the AC idler but wanted to see if anyone has also done anyting with the other two. ANY help or suggestions are appreciated. :mad:
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    1) Don't know, I just pinched mine in there without additional adhesive...I suppose you could try...have you asked CDan?

    2) Most of the time, IMO, a bad pulley will result in a high pitched squeal/rattle (like Junk's momma gettin' busy... :eek: ). I think I have one that's starting to talk to me, and I've got 185K on my 92.


  3. Landpimp

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    Mar 14, 2003
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    Not sure what the OEM stuff is but if you go to a glass shop they will give you come stuff that looks like sticky tar paper, works great.

    If it's just an idler pully, then take it off, pop the bearing out, take it to a bearing house and get a new one for $10, bout $50 less then a new part from Toyota, I use to have the bearing part number........

    take a piece of hose, stick one end in ear and other end to poke around to find noise, carefull of the fan and belts
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