Good thing....

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Jan 18, 2006
Reno, Nevada
Since I had to re do the trans/ t case mount and rusty dan got some Bitchin tires, I figured I'd give him a call and see if he wanted to shake down a bit in the hills behind damonte ranch high...
Good thing!!!!
I found that I could NOT shift into 4wd!!
The level of the drive train dropped enough to where the shift rod on the split case was binding on the x member.
Dan and I flopped the rubber mounts (thicker one on the top and thinner on on the bottom) and then I cut away some of the interfering gusset with a saw zall.
My point... It's FUGGIN awesome to have someone close that I can call on a Sunday afternoon to go wheel with, and we live in such a Bitchin place that ya can just air down in your drive way and within minutes.... You're in 4wd testing your junk out.
That was a pretty short run Sunday, but like I said it was more wheeling than I expected to get in.
I ended up going back out after I got that gusset trimmed and found some boulder piles to crawl over.
I LOVE THAT RIG for crawling!!!
It truly is a BEAUTIFUL THING to basically just point and go w/ confidence.
She's got her kwerks... But they all do.

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