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Jan 29, 2004
I just sold my FJ60 to a guy who drove it to Seattle yesterday. And now it is having idling problems- stalls or high RPMs at idle. I just had the stock carb rebuilt from Jim Chenowith at TLC. Anway it needs attention- I feel bad since he just paid premium price for this and it is having problems. Can anyone recommend anyone?- probably just a quick adjustment. I just had it tuned, timing done, etc. Thanks in advance.
Jan 9, 2005
I've been in the same boat as your buyer before and nobody has an overall favorite mechanic in this town. Landpimp loves Billy Bob's Offroad down in Puyallup (just outside Tacoma).. it'll be a 253 area code if you're calling information and about 40 minutes away from downtown Seattle. I used them once and they were great, but you're probably better off just using someone local and not making your buyer drive all over Washington State.

Locally in Seattle, I've had good luck at the Import Doctors in Belltown (a few blocks south of the Space Needle... and near a ton of good restaurants while you wait). I've been to a few others around town and I got the best vibe from them. I'd call them and see if they can help. Avoid Toyota of Seattle at all costs... they've botched one or two jobs and they really do cost more than anyone (of course).

He or you can ping any of us as well, or email the seattlcruiserheads group on Yahoo if he has any further problems/questions, too. The Pacific NW is very LC friendly... he'll find some good help, I'm sure.
Jul 13, 2003
I have personal experience with three places...

Bernies Automotive on Leary Way. One of the main guys owns an older 40. They are not cruiser experts, but treated me well, were fair in pricing, everything worked out great. (I failed emissions, passed with their help + some cash.) Would use them again.

Greggs Japanese Automotive on Denny. Had a badly leaking pinion seal on the 80. Was cold/raining, and I do repairs in my driveway. Price was fair, service was great. Would use them again.

Billy Bobs in Puyallup. Distance is an issue. They are busy, so I had to leave it for a few days, but they did good work, and the price was less than I was prepared for. Would also use them again.


Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
and if he is down my way(in the southsound, Tacoma area) I can also take a look at it. Just let me know or have him ring me(253 318 4066)

a good carb/tune up/emmsion shop is Carb Tech in Tacoma.

Billy Bobs can do that kinda stuff, but its not their fortee(sp)

its prolly something simple.

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