getting right shocks

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Jun 27, 2011
i ended up putting 33x10.5x15 tires on my 90 runner automatic..i am going with 1.5 balljoint spacers and coil spring spacers in the back..what size shocks am i going to need for this? it needs new shocks anyways..thanks for everones help with this
Check your compressed and extended lengths, then compare with the measurements before and after the spacers. I could be wrong, but I don't see 1.5" making that much difference, although that depends on if you are going to wheel it or just DD it. You will probably be ok with the stock height shocks. HTH.
I did this same mod to my 92 pickup. I am still using the stock shocks but they are too short. I added about 1" of washers in the front and I think they no longer limit my travel. The rears do work but they do limit my travel. I am not 4wheeling it yet so it is fine for the street but definatly need longer for off road. I wouild say find someone who sells toyota shocks and go stock length + 2 inches or so.

The best way is to take shocks off, make sure your break lines are long enough and drive it up on something and max out the suspension. Then measure each side front and rear. This will get you the max length and the max compression so you know your shock travel. Then order something to fit.

Good luck.
right aftermarket shocks

first let me say thanks for everyones help on here..i have a 1990 4runner with an automatic trans. i was going to put 33's on it but since i am only going to drive the beach a little i decided to go with 31x10.5x15 like someone on here said i should do..i want to order some skyjacker shocks and stabilizer for it also but dont know the size that i am going to need..can someone please help me

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