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Oct 30, 2009
Brabant @ the Netherlands
Hi Folks

The overland expedition in our GeoCruiser (LandCruiser HZJ78) from Nova Scotia to Argentina has started in May 2014. We have some stories on our website. The website is written in Dutch, but there is Google Translate on each page. If you choose your own language, you'll see it will translate all pages in an instant with one click. Google Translate gives a funny way of translation, but it's better than nothing and the pictures tell their own stories:

If you want to have a newsletter each time there will be news, than give us a mail on this page: and write “Newsletter” in the mail and you will be one the first to read our new stories.

Maybe you'll get some ideas or inspiration of our overland journey for your own trips in the future.

Happy Trails,
Rob and Nettie

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