Gen2 sequoia IRS: anyone tinker with it yet?

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Apr 17, 2006
Trying to adjust to North DFW
Any one play with the IRS yet? I’ve got air bags and am considering a spring swap at some point.

The airbags are excellent for towing, but I’m considering a different route for the truck.
define tinker! lots of us have lifts :cool:
In effort to provide some "tech" I nabbed this info. I'm not sure how long stuff stays on BaT

"Black 18″x9″ MK6 wheels wear 35″x12.5″ Falken mud-terrain tires all around, including the rear-mounted spare. Braking is from cross-drilled rotors with ceramic pads. The suspension has been lifted 4″ using steel Dobinsons rear lift coils, custom spacers, and Tundra SPC upper control arms as well as Bilstein 6112 front dampers and custom-mounted Bilstein 5160 rear shocks. "

2008_toyota_sequoia_no sway.jpeg

2008_toyota_sequoia_rear_ ride height.jpeg

2008_toyota_sequoia_wheel off.jpeg

2008_toyota_sequoia_with sway bar.jpeg
his rear coils pic concerns me, though he does have a heavy rear bumper, but also with additional spacers... idk

here's mine for comparison:
Thanks for posting JB, can you share more info on your shock set up? What Spring? Do you run a rear sway bar?
these are the rear springs:

Dobinsons C59-719V Rear Spring 2.5" 2008-2019 Sequoia

i am running F/R sway bars still

the rear shocks are these:
PR2506-SS-A King 2.5 Smoothie Shock, Compression Adjuster, Remote Reservoir, 6″ Travel
To make it work with the 2nd gen Sequoia, ORW also had to order the following from King:

25005-040 2.5PR Rod End

RK1091-311 Rod End Spacers

B1010 Spherical Bearing 1”

CR2501 (x2) Retaining Ring, INT, 1

This is all directly from the ORW invoice.

Here is the Specs of the shock though:

· Product Brand: King

· Product Body Diameter: 2.5

· Product Piston Rod Diameter: 7/8"

· Product Series: Performance Race

· Product Travel: 6"

· Product Adjuster: Compression Adjuster

· Product Disk Swapping: Yes

· Product Collapsed Length: 14.0"

· Product Extended Length: 20.0"

· Product Mounting Size: 1/2 x 1.50

· Product Bearing Size: COM-10T

· Product Piston Rod Material: 1040-1060 High Carbon Steel

· Product Wiper Material: Urethane

· Product Main Seal Material: Buna

· Product Piston: 6061-T6

· Product Finish: Cadnium
The second gen I'm considering building is a factory rear air suspension. I'm considering converting it to coils. From looking at the parts diagrams, the upper mount (attached to frame) has the same part number as coil springs. The lower control arms differ. I may order some rear coils to see if I can get it to work without having to buy new control arms.

Has anyone attempted this?
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Really enjoyed reading your build thread.

How is the ride with the Kings and Dobinsons added to the rear?

Really enjoyed reading your build thread.

How is the ride with the Kings and Dobinsons added to the rear?


The ride is amazing! i have adjusted the rears several times, and i think i have it dialed in for smooth ride and feeling controlled.

i would highly recommend this combo.:clap:
Late to the party but this is a slow sub group - The front end of the TREE feels pretty stiff and responsive.

The ass end definitely is a little squishy. Is there an OE height option to make it a little firmer? is that what you all have done?

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