gauges vs. fuse

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Jan 30, 2003
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wouldn't all the gauges be on the same fuse? gauges and turn signals stopped working after doing some electrical sunday (i didn't unhook batt when wiring stereo and a couple wires touched...made the wipers move, but that's all i saw. stereo is wired in with wipers). found blown fuse yesterday and installed new one. fuel and oil now work, but still not coolant or turn signals:confused:

off to look at it for a bit before it gets dark. i don't see any other blown fuses, but i'll pull em all one by one and get a better look.
Checking Haynes wiring schematic, will advise.

*EDIT: What year is your 55? My 1970 gauges are on a 5A fuse with the back up light and front drive indicator circuit, and turn signals are separate. I'm thinking there might be another fuse involved.*
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76 model

spent the evening pulling fuses to figure what's what. it appears that in the fuse pics i posted in another thread, the cracked crappy cover should basically match...except for two things. radio (easy to understand because an aftermarket was put in, so god only knows how they wired it) and ignition. i appear to not have an ignition fuse anymore. i pulled each fuse (one at a time) and the cruiser started every time (truck also has many aftermarket ignition items).

still no water gauge that i can tell, but i did get the turn signals to work after hitting the hazard switch. found the fuse for the turn signals/hazards, now mysteriously, the hazard switch stopped working:rolleyes:. all i can figure is that when i had the dash out to swap stereos and fix tailgate switch, i caused a disturbance in the hazard/turn wiring at the hazard switch. so, i'll see if i can get a cluster from the junkyard in case the gauge is crap, and i'll pull the hazard switch, scrape the contacts and coat with dielectric grease and hope that fixes it.

fwiw, this is what i've found to be my fuse panel setup.

from left cowl,
tail/rear markers
stereo/cig lighter
tailgate switch/turn signals/hazard

still need to check to see where domelight and front marker lights are wired in, and, of course, figure out how to fuse my ignition. going to study up on a couple of wiring diagrams tomorrow.

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