gas leaking....

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Oct 19, 2005
Nashville, TN
Ok, so under the passenger side rear door there is a rubber line on the steel fuel lines. When I bought the vehicle it was leaking, so I think, go buy fuel line hose and new clamps and replace it. Done, it did not leak for a few days, but now it has started leaking again? Could it be the fuel filter that it connects to that is leaking? Surely those hoses and clamps would not have failed this quickly... any info would be appreciated as gas is like gold nowadays....
probably done, but check the vin and make sure it has had the gas tank replace under recall
no go on the warranty, already done in 1995... too bad, would have been nice to get that done for free. I am back to square one...
It's dripping when parked, and probbably more so when fuel is being pumped through it running. I'd say the size of the puddle when parked is about 4-5" across, right under the charcoal canister ( I think that is what it is) on the frame rail under the passenger side. I would try for pics, but it is leaking on blacktop and it does not come out....

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