FZJ80 transfer case laying around...

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Jun 29, 2006
Carolina Beach NC
I'm looking for an HF2AV transfer case so I can do the part-time conversion on it, then swap the rebuilt/regeared axles and transfer case without too much down time.

I'd gladly just swap the one I have once I pull it out and do the swap or I can come up with parts to trade or even $$ if it works best...
got one here too..........just got to locate it. Let me know.
Darin has my spare one that was out of Jasons T's cruiser from my house. I was keeping it for the exact same reason that you doing.

I just never got around to taking it off of the transmission so I let Darin take it all but said one day i'd make it down there to grab it back from him. Which i've yet to do.

Seeing as i'm most likely going a different route with mine you are more than welcome to it but you'd have to work it out with Darin when to get it. :cheers:
The one i was talking about is still under a cruiser.

So Al yours is still sitting here.

Jerry you are more than welcome to the one i have here for you.
Yep, all week. Got errands some mornings but i do those early. This thing is still under truck.

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