For Sale FZJ80 PAIR Intake Cap Black Rubber 1.25”

Jan 23, 2020
Los Angeles
Those who own a 1993 or 1994 FZJ80 and delete the PAIR system know that you’re left with a big hole in the top of the intake box. Some people will do something like shove a Brakleen cap on it, but obviously that isn’t the ideal or most visually appealing solution. I bought a pack of 1.25” (the exact size of the opening) rubber caps that can be used to cover the gaping hole with a nice factory look. I only needed one for my rig, so I’m asking just $2 for each one to recoup some of my cost; I have seven caps to get rid of. They are small and light so shipping should only be a buck or two, depending on your location.

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