Fuse vs Fusible link

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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
I replaced the 30 amp fuse on the Camry's power window/door lock with a 40 amp fuse. When to get new 30 amp fuse and they also sell a 30 amp fusible link. Not knowing what I need I looked in the owners manual and it did not help.

This makes me wonder about the 80.

I bought a bunch of the larger fuses for the 80 years ago and took them out of the package and they are sitting in a ziplock bag in the glovebox. I know don't know what I have in the bag, they may be fuses or fusible links as they look about the same in the store.

What is the difference between the almost identical fuses and fusible links?
Does the 80 use fuses or fusible links or both? Can they be interchanged?
I know you should not go to a larger fuse but does going from a 30 amp to 40amp a big deal?

This is what the fuse looks like.

The fusible link. There is just a little difference between the two.
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Fuse is meant to blow at the listed rating. A Fuseable link is more like a slow burn. It typically can handle loads at slightly higher then the listed rating but not much more than. The only fuseable link, that I know of, in the 80 is the one that goes from the Alt to the Battery. All others are fuses or circuit breakers.
NEVER replace a fuse with a fuse of higher amperage!! You are staring potential disaster in the face when you do. You may damage or destroy critical parts and maybe your car too. The only fusible link is on the battery, the others are fuses. Your picture shows a medium current fuse not a fusible link. Toyota calls the 50 and 60 amp fuses (I think) "high current", the 20 to 40 "medium current" and the others simply fuses. Hope this helps. Ned
The second is a fusible link just like the one I looked at at AutoZone.
On the back of the Fusible Link it said it was made for most Japanese autos. It named most Japanese makers, Toyota was not on the list.

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