Fuel sock part number for early FZJ80 (93)

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Jul 11, 2008
London, UK & Lusaka, Zambia
My 1fzfe engined 80 was manufactured december 92, reg in '93...

Is the sock for this the same as the latter ('95+) FZj80s ?

Or is it the same as the earlier 3FEs ? Pn 23217-11010

Or has it got a part number all of it's own ?(!)

Many thanks in advance - JB

PS Search is not working too well for this !
It is not the same part number as the 3fe! I changed mine couple of weeks ago and the number is at home.:bang::) Call Dan!
Dan's an international call from here, and it won't be worth me ordering from him for such a low value item with shipping costs...
FWIW, 98-07 will work also.

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