Fuel Leak need help

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Jan 24, 2006
Ft. Worth , TX
Just got my first 60 after years of dreaming, and this site has help me more than I can count. I hope you all can help me out with this fuel leak, it is dripping out the bottom of this part. If anyone can tell me what this part is or how to fix the leak I would appreciate it. Thanks


fuel 2.JPG
fuel 2.JPG
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That is the fuel pump. I would buy a OEM pump to replace it. They are not expensive. If you are sure it is leaking, I would replace it soon.

Just wear some gloves and have a bucket ready when you pull it out.

Disconnect the battery
Remove the fuel lines and label them
Remove the pump from block
Installed new pump
reconnect the hoses the same way
reconnect battery
crank it a few times to get the fuel flowing again

Do a search on here for changing the pump. Also you should join TLCA so you can get discounts on Toyota parts at a local DFW dealership or you can order from Cdan on here.

Carter Brand fuel pumps are also as good as OEM and sourced at a local auto parts store. It may not be fuel leaking that is a common spot for oil to leak out as well. But if I were you I would replace the the pump. Its easy chessy.
When I put my fuel pump on last year. It had no spacer when I took it apart. But throwing a new one on sure made a hell of a difference. Soggy if your out there thanks for letting me borrow one on the trails.
Ditto on replacing the spacer...that was a source of oil leak on my cruiser. Replaced the oil pan gasket and still had some leakage...cleaned around the fuel pump and noticed it was leaking a lot from that area as well. Looks like the PO replaced the FP and didn't bother replacing the spacer/seal.

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