Fuel Cutoff (in case of a rollover)

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Oct 26, 2005
Chicago, IL
Does anyone have pictures of a fuel cutoff under there truck in case of a rollover ? [ or really just a roll onto your side ] Seems that some people were talking about needing this in case of an emergency, someone could cut the gas flow and stop the engine/fire?
I guess an electrical cutoff wont stop the burning if there is a fire.

i just realized this could also be a theft deterrent [ if someone was to try and steal it ]
If you roll over and you still have a carb...it will shut off.
I think it closes the fuel solenoid on the carb in a rollover from a sensor.

You should need to add anything it is already there if you are stock.
Hmmm, the key always worked for me to turn the fuel off...

If you are talking about a fuel cut off valve that stops the possibility of gas flowing out of the tank through the vent tube you have a concern.

But most of the time. It really not a big issue. Summit and Jegs have rollover valves for this exact thing.
the concern was that if there was a fire started, the fuel would continue to flow even if the electric was cutoff and key out of ignition. This never happened to me before and just wanted to know if another means of stopping the fire. that is if a fire is even possible? I thought most people who race in nascar were required to have these sort of things? and of course its a race to the finish over the hills!

If your truck actually catches on fire (VERY rare) the fuel is either supplied with a low pressure mechanica fuel pump or a low pressure electrical fuel pump. Both of which are killed with the ignition switch.

If the line melts you are screwed either way, and there is almost no valve that will stop the draining of the tank.

get an onboard halon setup if it really makes you feel better ;)
After a certain year all cars are mandated to have one of these, but they are supposed to work in a front-end accident, not necessarily rollovers. AFAIK, here are the main types, and they all work with electric fuel pumps (fuel injected engines):
A) Accelerometer - mostly American cars
B) Rev counter - VW/Audi
C) Oil pressure - Fiat

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