Trade FT/FS Harley Bobber Must See! (1 Viewer)

Dec 30, 2009
United States
Offer trades cash price would be NOW $6800 I am open to offers. Thanks
All custom Harley Davidson Bobber built right. Not for beginners this is Jockey Shift and Suicide Clutch without hand controls or front brake!
Hold 1972 Harley title currently registered and ridden on nice days
Custom twisted hardtail frame, Custom tank
Electric and kick start
1972 Iron Head motor with "P" Cam
Fairbanks Morse Magneto
Bendix Carb with all new seals, gaskets ect. full rebuild
5 Degree Rake
21" Front wheel custom paint
16" Rear custom paint
This bike is low, loud and will shop traffic with it's look.

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Dec 30, 2009
Cool, I looked at a Triumph last year but there's nothing like the sound and feel of a big twin.

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