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FS: Tent Trailer


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Sep 6, 2004
North West Ontario
Hey Guys,
I have my tent trailer for sale up here in Smithers. It's very clean and nice to camp in.

Would make a nice lifted camper if someone wanted. I considered doing that, but was hesitant if I did not want to keep it that it would lower the value.

Anyhow price is asking. Open to offers.

Jayco 10X Tent Trailer

tows behind my diesel 60 just fine. I am turbo'd, but with the loads I have put on the roof of my truck and inside the tent trailer it still was ok. So light enough to tow.

I ended up going to a motorhome.

I put this in your section cause I know most of you are not too far from PG. Hope that is alright.

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