FS: Junk 5/81 FJ40 project or parts, central OH, $600

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United States
For Sale: as pile of parts that once was a 1981 FJ40. Was originally driven as a winter 4x4 here in central OH, so it quickly dissolved. I bought it from the 2nd owner about 1995. Toyed w/ the idea of doing an AL tub, but ended up selling it as a complete running project w/ severe rust to Tim. He was able to get it up to his garage in Cleveland and pull off the rotten tub in pieces. But the project languished for the past several years, and his new wife says "That pile of junk is not coming to the new house". so now I have it back, but do not have time or $$ to take on yet another project so it is FS again.

Build date: 5/81
Chassis #: FJ40340793
Odo:124,759 miles

What's missing:
title & VIN tag. Tim says he has these, but can't find them since the move.
all sheet metal except the cowl and WS frame. Even they are pretty rusty.
fuel tank
most emissions stuff
ignition system
hardtop panels, frt doors, rear doors
rear X-member & taillights (rusted off)

What is there:
frame is good except for last 12" at back. Needs usual x-member, gussets and diagonals.
complete 81-later hi-compression 2F
new Toyota WP
new Diehard battery
new Toyota electronic alternator & belt
4spd trans and split T-case
new P-brake cable
new speedo cable
recently serviced rear brakes, functional P-brake & adjusters
complete front disc axle w/ big birfs, big knuckles
power brake booster and disc master
new front calipers & brake pads
Aisin lockout hubs
headlight bezel
fiberglass cap in decent shape
good instrument cluster
WS frame assembly. Frame is pretty rotten, glass is cracked, but has good wiper motor & mechanism.
New non-stock exhaust system, no cat.

Asking $600, or trade for 81-84 H41 tranny. If nobody wants to take the whole pile, then I will begrudgingly part out. Would rather send it all on to somebody else. Can deliver for $1/mile, or maybe you can borrow my trailer to take it home.

Contact me at (severn for oh) ate 6 too- to six oh fore, or try emailing fj40jim <at> aol dot com.

Pics are below
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Somebody must need a good disc front axle, 4-speed tranny, split case w/ 2.3 low range and rear axle w/ good FJ60 brakes.

Makes a great donor to a 1975 or earlier FJ40 or FJ55.
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damn...that battery says it all!!!

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