FS: BFG AT KO's 285/75/16 (x6) (1 Viewer)

May 8, 2007
Foothill Ranch, CA
Like it says, I have 6 BFG AT 285/75/16s

2 are 95%+ (they have never been on the road, and the guy I bought them off had them as dual spares, so they be closer to 100%)

2 are at 50-60% (they are coming off the rear)
right rear:

left rear:

1 is about 50% (coming off the R front)

1 is about 40-50% center tread, 15% outter tread (coming off the L front but has some cupping)

These retail for around $200+ each, take all for $599 obo (sorry, no shipping)

e-mail me at spdshft@yahoo.com

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