FS 82 Long Bed 4x4 Cal truck. Reno, NV 1200 or offer

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    FS 82 Long Bed 4x4 Cal truck. Reno, NV 1200 or offer

    Local sale only- please don’t make offers on this until you see it in person so you know what you are getting.
    Contact- Grant, 775 747 3228, or cell 775 247 6781 or grantmossman@gmail.com

    1982 Toyota Longbed 4X4 SR-5 truck, 22r Cal Emissions.
    PS, no air, SR-5 gauges good, stock radio, seats, camper window, vent windows, good dash
    304,XXX on the truck, 150,XXX on motor and trans (so I’m told)

    Surface rust from being in Tahoe area. A few spots close to penetrating on bed.
    Tires mostly hold air.
    Very good dash and instrument clusters, has not been cut up (NO butchered stereo/speakers install)
    Previous owner said he ran bad gas in it, which supposedly is why it ran rough
    I ran Seafoam through it, really made a difference but still rough (rough, variable idle- smoothes out at speed but feels held back).
    May be vacuum issue, carb, accelerator pump.
    Power steering has a whine, clutch needs adjusting, brakes need bleeding- all are functional though.
    Truck is very stock, unmolested/unabused.
    Only had it since Sept, now moving out of state, this little neglectorino can't come with us. Must sell soon.
    More images upon request
    82 longbed lf.JPG
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