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Hi guys,

Since I bought my wife a land cruiser for our impending little one (see signature) it's time to sell her Solara. Kinda sad, this has been a great car for her. If I could keep it, I would for it's 30+ MPG, but two people and a baby don't need two landcruisers, a Tundra, and a Solara :eek: , so the Solara has to go.

It is a 2002 with 123,733 miles on the odo, all highway. My wife worked in Solvang until September of 2006, so it was driven 35 miles each way to work for three years. We bought it in June of 2003 with 33K on it. It has the 2.4L 4-banger with VVT-I, and is a timing change, not belt. I changed the Iridium plugs at 100K, and put Mobil 1 in it when I got it, and have maintained it every 10K since. I have drained and refilled the T-IV "lifetime" tranny fluid once, at about 73K. I replaced the serpentine belt at 100K with a Goodyear Gatorback.

I just changed the oil, seafoamed, cleaned the MAF, and cleaned the TB. It has a K&N airfilter.

It does have some scratches, etc. It has some rock chips in the paint on the hood from her long commute, most of which I have touched up. On the dirver quarter panel, some asshat hit her in the parking lot and took off. I filled it in and painted it with touchup paint and an airbrush gun to stop rust from forming. It's not perfect, but it is a 100% improvement over what it was. it is also at the end of the trim, so you can hardly see it. There is a more noticible spot on the rear bumber from my wife not pulling in the car far enough and closing the garage. It gouged the bumper and caused the paint to chip. I filled in the gouge and sprayed that as well to stop the paint from peeling. Again, not perfect, but is a huge improvement. The interior is perfect and was always kept clean, along with the exterior, it was frequently washed and waxed.

Price Drop to $6,700, $800 under KBB.

Here are some pictures, there are a bunch more at this link:

Solara for Sale




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Aug 11, 2004
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I have to move this so make an offer. I may have made the scratches, etc. out to be worse than they really are. I just want to make sure I covered everything fairly, look at the pictures at the link for yourself. So bump.

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