FS: 2001 Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 w/ locking rear diff

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Aug 29, 2006
My neighbor got a new car and is selling his 2001 Tacoma Double cab 4x4 with locking rear differential. It is the TRD model with V6 and auto trans. It also has a factory or dealer installed moon roof which all together seems to make it pretty unique. The down side is that he is not one for maintenance outside regular oil changes. The tires are old, brakes poor, suspension sloppy, paint faded, interior average, windshield with a star, and the mileage is just about to hit 200k. Upsides are no accidents, tow package, bed liner, and 4x4 with locker.

What do you think she is worth? Anybody interested? I can try and post some pictures tomorrow.
I used to own the exact year and model. Great truck!
I have a buddy looking to get into overlanding, and he is very mechanically inclined (dude from my old volvo forum), think this may suit him?
I'd be interested as well. My kid just got his Learners Permit (yes, NW Valley is on high alert) and it sounds like a vehicle that would be good potential starter/wheeler. "The tires are old, brakes poor, suspension sloppy, paint faded, interior average, windshield with a star, and the mileage is just about to hit 200k." Probably a lot better than my first ride, with some good teachable repairs to boot.
my first car (1973 chevy) cost a whole $65.00 :wrench:

A project with Dad and I to fix it up. I loved that car even with no AC, power steering, or cupholders
my first car was an ugly rusty 68 mustang that i bought for $800 when i was 14, spent two years restoring it (trans, suspension, interior), and when I finally got my license, i decided it would be cooler to have an 89 supra. I sold the mustang for $3000, and ended up with a N/A supra with a blown head gasket :bang: stupid 16 year old self.
Double Cab 1st gen Tacoma's in 2wd seem to start at $8k in the used market with 4x4 models going up to $10k. Given what I would want to do to bring it up to proud tacoma status (if I was an owner) I think a price in the $6k range would be fair. I will post some pictures of it in the morning along with my phone number. Those that are interested can call and come look this weekend. Location: Downtown Phx - 7th ave & McDowell

Color is Stock Maroon with tan interior
That color should add at least another 50 bucks :hillbilly:
Call or Text if interested. 602.429.9116



Message sent!
That looks like it's much nicer that I imagined from the initial description. Way too nice for a newbie driver. That will make someone a nice rig though.
Fixer-Upper cars are great for the new driver who wants to know how to fix stuff. My first ride was a 66 Corvair 4-door in beige with a Powerglide and 3 :eek: yes 3 broken connecting rods. Needed a new engine, tires, brakes, shocks, ball joints, driver's seat was torn...
The list has grown on this one.

Carrier bearing
Front wheel bearings
Steering rack leak
Small Radiator Leak
Timing belt is 75k miles old

That leaves a whole lot to learn.
Sold on Craigslist. Had 27 calls in 45 minutes and sold it to the first person to show up.
Not surprising, Tacos sell for stoopid money around here. I would have been all over it if it wasn't pink.:princess::redface:

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