FS: 2 Toyota Pickups 1978 and 1985

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Mar 15, 2005
Phoenix, AZ
First let me preface this by mentioning that I am in Flagstaff, but the trucks are both in Peoria at my Mom's. I will be down there this weekend and available to show both trucks to interested buyers.

The first truck is a 77 or 78 Toyota Pickup 4x4 that my dad bought as a project vehicle. At the time he bought it, it needed a new clutch pedal connection rod and was due for emissions. I don't have the mileage available at this time.

At the time of purchase a signed and notarized title was provided, but my dad has passed away since then and my mom and I haven't been able to locate the title... It might be in a repair manual or a file or? A signed and notarized bill of sale will be provided to the purchaser. If we do find the title it will also be provided.

I wasn't around much when he did the work, but I do know the clutch issues have been repaired. Also, I haven't checked it out recently but I know it runs as I've fired it up to move it from the driveway; the things I know it needs are:
- interior -- my dad removed the original seat and bought some seats out of another vehicle to replace it with. These new seats have not yet been bolted down.
- carb -- may need a tuneup, this truck has been sitting for the last two years.

Price is $500 firm.

The second truck is a 1985 Toyota Pickup. Single cab, long bed, 4x4. It has the 22RE fuel injected motor, solid axles front and rear, auto transmission, and AIR CONDITIONING! I don't have the mileage available at this time.

This was my truck originally which I sold to my dad for a daily driver. We replaced the timing chain set with a new set from 'Enginebuilder' with steel guides. At that time we also replaced the camshaft with a 'Crawler Cam', also from Enginebuilder. I also installed an LC Engineering header at that time.
The only downside is the auto transmission, which makes it a bit of a dog. Manually shifting the auto helps a bit, but a manual tranny swap would definitely liven it up.

This truck has sat for the last year since my dad passed on, and during that time the high pressure rubber fuel line which connects the steel lines from the tank to the fuel filter has rotted (was probably close when he was driving it). Because of this the truck will not start/run until that line is replaced. The cost of this fuel line is approx. $120 through CDAN, and is fairly easy to replace. Only problem is being up here and not there I've not had the time to order up the part and install it. This truck ran great before my dad passed on and I am certain that it will start and run once this line is replaced. The only other issue on this truck is the brake balance. I swapped in a double vaccuum booster (and maybe the master cylinder, can't recall) from a mid to late 90's Tacoma which really improved braking, but for some reason the balance between the front and rear brakes is off. It tends to lock up the rears fairly quickly rather than putting primary brake power to the fronts

The interior is clean and in good condition, I replaced the bench seat with buckets from a sedan which allowed for better seating positions and really improved driving comfort. (This is where my dad got the idea to swap out the seats on the 78 above!).

One item of note, because I had this registered in Flagstaff (no emissions) I removed the catalytic converter which will need to be replaced in order to pass emissions in Phoenix.

Price for this truck is $1000 firm.

As mentioned above, the trucks will be available for inspection this Saturday or Sunday. I can be reached by phone at 928-853-5836 (verizon cell), name is Mike. If you call during business hours tomorrow I probably will not answer as I'll be working in the sticks out near Drake with little cell coverage. If you need references, BMAN knows me and would (probably?!) vouch for me.
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If Josh doesn't get the 85 I'll take a look...let me know...

She is resting comfortably in my driveway...Already pressure washed, cleaned & de campered.
I also learned that the Prado makes a hell of a tow vehicle...suprised me with the pick up that it showed going uphill & freeway...
ON Trailer.jpg
Front with Camper.jpg
Side Profile 1.jpg
Here is a bump for Hondo's remaining Mini; all in all great condition for parts or project as his description listed it. Mike's a Great guy to deal with..:cheers:
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Nice pickup...man the mini's are invading :grinpimp:
Damn nice lookin rig!:cheers:

With those prices it's hard to believe he still has the other one.

Did Juan have to turn up the front axle on Diego's mini after the lift?
Nice truck! It's great to see the 85 next to the Tacoma. BTW Thanks for keeping this one out of the hands of the landscapers! I used to have a 84 longbed, I was sorry to see it go.
That's part of the reason I posted it up on mud... Wanted to see it go to good use and maybe someday into a crawler.
That's part of the reason I posted it up on mud... Wanted to see it go to good use and maybe someday into a crawler.

Good possibility after the teenage driver is done with it.

Thought...:idea:Maybe a cage would be better first for a first time driver?:grinpimp:
first one looks to be an '80, i'd love to have it for old time sake (my first toyota was that truck) but i just dont need to buy another project.
same here just makin ends meet, would like that for a donor for a tube buggie low on cash, need any fab work time i got???:wrench:
justweldit -- can't think of any fab work I need right now...
Got a message this weekend from someone in Tucson interested in the 78, but they didn't leave a name or phone number on my voice mail...

I'm not ignoring you, just have no way to return your call!

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