For Sale FS 1996 fzj80 Land Cruiser with lockers

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United States
1997 Toyota Land Cruiser with Factory lockers. Its a 1997 my mistake .

144,000 miles Florida vehicle !!!

A friend of mine has a small car lot and is always buying and selling cars. All our friends buy and sell cars to him and through him. His neighbor recently died and the family came over to get help moving of his cars (5 cars to be exact). In the garage was this beautiful 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser with Factory lockers. He knows I have had a few FZJ80's and an FJ Cruiser and that I am very involved with them so he called me. It's not perfect but has a lot of potential. It looks like it has been sitting in the garage for a year or two. I don't know too much about it but I am willing to answer any questions. He put a new battery in it and it fired right up, he drove it over to my house and I changed the oil. When I checked the front balls for grease they were full. The A/C blows cold and it drives great. I took it in the grass and put it in 4 low and the cdl locked I drove in a circle and the front and rear lockers locked very fast. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

PS. It's the black 80 my red 80 is not for sale !

Asking $9,700 NOW $9,000

Feel free to PM me but it's better to call or text me Justin 813-817-5336

I'm working on getting the car fax from him and I will scan it and post it up, but until then I posted a picture of the VIN # for those who have their own car fax. If you bet me to it feel free to post the car fax.

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