Fs:1988 fj62 ca.

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United States

88 62
Ventura, CA

$4500 OBO

Email is usually quicker than PM but I do check both.

I was trying to trade two cruisers for a truck but it looks like I will be selling them one at a time now. There are a few people interested already but I thought I would advertise it while they are in the process of "giving it some thought". Im not trying to hurry those that are interested but I do need to sell this so I can start looking for a truck. I will be listing this locally for $4800 but will take $4500 on mud The racks do not come with this vehicle.

It is an 88 62 with 165k on it. Listed below will be all of the info I have thought of and hopefully I havnt missed anything. If there is any specific questions that someone has I will do my best to get them taken care of. I dont really want to sell these rigs but we have a baby on the way and I am going a different route for now. The description is as follows:

Here is the good, bad and the ugly:
It runs great although I have never drivin another 62 to compare it to. She will cruise at 65-70 no problem it just takes a few to get her up there.

-New(used) head. Had it magnafluxed and the valves and seats ground. It was also cleaned and painted as well and the #5 oil galley plug threaded and re-plugged All from Santa Paula machine shop
-New toyota head gasket and all other gaskets(from toyota) that are needed to complete a top end re-assembly.
-New air filter
-Baselined all of the fluids except the trans. which looked great and shifts even better.
-All new coolant hoses throughout the engine and heater except the two rear heater hoses(they are really easy to get to but I forgot to order them and the others looked fine).
-All new silicone vacuum lines from McMaster.
Replaced the Throttle positioning sensor with a used one from another mud member.
-Rebuilt the knuckles using toyota parts and koyo bearings.
-Carpet pulled out and cleaned then some cheap sound proofing put down.
-New tint on all around.
-New to me CD player and speakers.
-New eagle alloy wheels(I have a 5th one in my garage without a tire)
-New 31x10.5x15 BFG AT

160,200 mi.
-New OME N88 and N89 shocks
-New CAT(one)
-New 4x4 switching solenoid

-Re-adjust valves
-Re-torque head bolts

-New front Pads and Rotors

-New OME springs from man-a-fre (2.5" lift)

-New OME steering stabilizer
-New Extended length front shackles from SOR
-Pep by seat covers

Had the exhaust put back to stock and a new muffler installed as well as some new pipe to take it back to the original configuration.

I have a new oem oil pan gasket to replace the leaking one but found that the pan bolts were pretty lose and tightening them seemed to remedy that problem. there are a couple of other minor leaks that I just havnt chased down yet but they are not bad at all. I also have two new gaskets for the diff. drain plugs that I just havnt installed yet.(forgot to put them in when I changed the diff. fluid.

Bad and ugly:
-A/C does not work. It wasnt hooked up when I bought it and hasnt been a priority since ive owned it. I dont know what is wrong with it.
-The front PS fender has been repainted and still has some damage to it(hard to see unless you kinda close).
-The front bumper is a little bent from above mentioned fender bender.(it was all this way when I bought it.
-There are a few dents throught the body that can be fixed w/out to much trouble from one of those dent remover people.
-The body has a couple of (very minor in my opinion) rust spots. I havnt investigated them to any great extent though.
-The engine is kinda noisy(maybe im just too picky) but I have had a few pros listen and they seem to think its just fine. I think that its the valves needing someone to adjust them that knows a little bit more then me on how to.

Im sure that there is more that I have done to it and maybe a thing or two that I am forgetting to mention. I am going to really miss this cruiser when its gone and I will get another one someday. Please feel free to ask any questions or if you have any comments or concerns and I will do my best to address them. I also have the factory service manual for this rig as well which is worth its weight in gold.
Thanks for looking,
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More pics:
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nice...my wife wants one. trade for a sienna?
thanks for the compliments but we are just looking to sell it.
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