Front WIng Window Rubber Measurements

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Jul 25, 2006
Planet Earth
Hi folks,

I'm wondering if any of you know the measurements to the front wing window rubber. Here is the reason...

After resotring an FJ 40 and FJ 60 I decided for something more challenging... A 1970 Toyota Hilux pick-up. Parts are scarce. I think the FJ 55 wing window rubber might fit (with some minor trimming). Sorry, for going into triganometry, but I need the measurenents ofr the two legs and the Hypotenuse. Is anyone able to provide the measurements befor I drop $350 (ouch!) on a set of new FJ 55 rubber? Thanks!
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roughly-but close; 14" along the rolling window to wing interface, 17" along the swept front rail, and 8" along the top of the door itself. if the top of the door were horizontal(180), then the back leg would be somewhere near 100 degrees(over 90). it also seems to me that along the door top and the front edge of the wing, that the seal would sit into the door frames, but I'm not sure how far in they will go.....HTH.

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