Front Runner Rack for GX470 on a LX470, not wide enough, creative solutions?

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May 26, 2016
Hello! I have a local here who wants to make me a screaming deal on his RTT and Slimline Front Runner rack. However, it is off a GX470, front runner support says I can't just buy new rails because the rack itself is about 3" shorter in width.

Anyone here have a creative solution that wouldn't be to difficult to make this setup work for me?
Maybe some fabrication? Chop off the mounts from the rack itself, add 1.5" extension out to each, with bracing added to retain support? Or fab up new mounts that are angled down and outward instead of straight vertical to make up for the added width? I'm not too familiar with frontrunner racks, so this may not work at all and sorry if not!
I agree with dubitup. Get the correct rack for your truck.
TBH, sell the rack and buy the correct rack for your specific truck
That is probably the the best decision. Pony up and pay for what fits.

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