Front Differential Oil Leak

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Nov 8, 2004
Pittsburgh, PA
I hope I solved the problem, but I'm not sure:

I started leaking 90weight out of my front diff after I replaced the CV's a couple months ago. It was just a drop once in a while out of the end of the driver's side diff housing where the cv enters the diff.

I let it go for a while, and the leaking got worse, so I ordered and installed a new OEM seal. I was thinking that I may have knicked or damaged the old seal on removal or reinstallation of the CV (it was 12-year old rubber). The leaking was non existent for a week or so, then it started leaking again!!:bang:

I checked the diff fluid level last night, and when I opened the check/fill port, there was noticable pressure inside of the diff... it make a good ppssshhhh sound, and some oil leaked out. This lead me to believe that my breather is plugged. I found the breather, and the end cap was rusted beyond belief. I don't know if any air was able to exchange through it or not. I destroyed it trying to get it off before I replaced the entire line.

I happened to have some 1/4inch ID fuel line, so I replaced the line, ran it up higher into the engine bay (next to my second battery) and "capped" it with a cotton pad and rubber band until I can get a proper filter on it.

I am hoping that my leak was caused by the built up pressure, and the new breather line will keep it from happening again. I really don't want to have to change that seal again... and hopefully my new driver's-side CV isn't causing the problem (out of round, warped, etc.)

Has anyone else experienced this, or have $0.02 to add?
If you heard pressure like that, you likely solved your problem. I've opened the diff fill a few times and there was nothing like that. Breather must have been fouled up.
i had a seal go bad as well after a CV fix, figured after cleaning the seal i forgot to oil it (causing it to tear when i drove it). So i replaced the seal with toyota OEM and made sure to grease the seal with some axle grease i had. Problem went away.

My breather lines are all new because i extended them.

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