front brake pad problems

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May 17, 2005
replacing the front pads on my 62, popped the top off the fluid resevoir. One wheel I got the new pad in on one side of the caliper, took the old pad out of other side and pushed in the lower piston pistons and brake fluid started dripping from the housing.
That can`t be good. Got both pads in for now.
The other wheel I could`nt get the first pad in so I took out both sides at once and one side now seems frozen. So I can`t get that side in. I opened the bleeder fitiing thinking that would relieve the pressure, but that did`nt do it. Any ideas?
Sounds like your calipers are old. I would check out the one that was leaking and see if you just broke the seal on the side or actually punctured it.I would just pull them so you can inspect them better.

You can buy a kit to rebuild them, but it is not worth messing around with brakes. If you think you have a problem with them, you are probably not going to be able to count on them longterm. I would go buy some new ones so you know you got some good ones in there. I bought some rebuild ones from Toyota and were not too bad.

Those calipers are $40 at Advance Auto Parts for remans. I've used several sets of them on different vehicles with no issues. For the money it's not worth the hassle IMHO.

Just what Zebra said. I purchased both Loaded calipers at my local O'reilly autoparts for $50 bucks a piece.
Thanks guys, sounds like good advice.I don`t have the time for a re-build.


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