Friend of mine used to say. . .

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Sep 27, 2008
SF Bay Area, California
"Hurry up and do it wrong so we can fix it. . ."

Headed out yesterday to introduce some friends to power-assisted hiking . . .

[see attached image]

I'm a couple hundred yards up the road hitting the CB thinking to myself, "I didn't measure, but I'm pretty sure I got the antenna a decent ground plane. . ."

Storrow Drive seems stocker-friendly but I guess the trailhead can be challenging-
Mall Crawling can be pretty extreme.
more importantly, how much for the rig as a looks clean as heck for an early runner.
Had a little to much to drink?
LD: think he thought it would drive like his DD, AUDI S4

rabid: no dice man, shes my girl. wheeled today and except for my shame at having dents in the body was great. not as clean as the 89 i just picked up either ;) let u know if i see any deals though.

wrench: think he'd feel better if he had. his familys honor may never be restored.
I have had two old runners, am 82,92 and 86 pickups, a newer taco, and a 94 runner. without question my 89 runner was my fav.
I am not really looking for one,but i do love 'em. Pics of your other one?

I had 250K on my 3 liter with no issues, btw.
not much damage done. couple dents in the body, broken mirror. he was willing to pay for damages. got him to give me a hand installing lift in the rear, finished yesterday.

what are things to watch out for when vehicle rolls over? engine idles rough now, was thinkin maybe spark plugs fouled by oil? haven't checked them out yet.

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