Friend Looking For A 80 Series

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Dec 14, 2006
Hi Folks

I have a friend in Abbotsford who is looking for a nice 80 series, preferably diesel. He's looking to spend about $13 - 16k for a mechanically sound vehicle. He's been trolling craigslist and what not.....just thought i'd throw it out there if anyone has anything of interest.

you can email me at or PM me and I will forward the information to him. He's a little green to the cruiser scene so he will be getting a mechanic to check out any prospective vehicles prior to he should :D


yeah......i told him to check out Outback but he doesn't want to drop the coin. I've sent him a link to Marcin's thread as a the end of the day its his call.

Definitely have your friend get the truck inspected...
I can also answer any questions he might have.

Has he looked at any yet? Abbotsford Japan Auto usually has a couple there most of the time. Once he has seen the good, the bad and the ugly, he might change his tune. Also, make sure he gets a qualified shop to inspect it. BCAA does not count.

Ya SHINGE is pretty good if you can understand him
IN the end if he buys from a repudable dealer ( you get what you pay for)
If he can find anything in really decent shape in that price range for an HDJ81, I'd be amazed. These trucks can absorb money faster than you can possibly imagine. I would only buy a truck that passed an intricate inspection from a REALLY knowledgeable shop (Ateb or Ciaran come to mind right away). You MIGHT be able to find a truck like the one I sold, but that was more than his price range, and it was in really great shape. I keep my eye on the market, and a lot of what I've seen for sale are trucks that will require substantial $ to get into shape. Be very, very cautious. Any deal that looks too good to be true likely is too good to be true.
Ya SHINGE is pretty good if you can understand him

Not much of a problem now. His English has gotten a lot better in the last year. In the past when I couldn't understand, his super sweet wife would translate.

One thing that I didn't like was he was shooting the vehicles with a real heavy undercoat paint. I'd rather see how it came over. I know they also often shoot them with paint before the auctions in Japan.

Alan, has you friend considered a 60 series? Or could probably get into an ATEB Safari at that price range. Autos are generally less money the the 5 spds.
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i love the 60 series...when i was shopping around for a cruiser I came inches from getting one from KK Trading. Thanks everyone for the advice....its much appreciated.


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