Fresh paint for the tongue

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May 21, 2004
MN physically, MI spiritually
Posted this in the camping but it should be here. Started the outfitting of my M100. I am adding a tent to the top and needed to do some work on the trailer tongue.

Not photos of the tent cause I haven't set it up yet but something to keep you all satisfied. My trailer had a 1 7/8 receiver on it that someone, PO, put on. They actually cut the top off the lunet casting and welded the Y receiver on. And they did one hell of a job. I tried to cut it off but the welds were so deep I couldn't save the original C channel. Unfortunately the same C channel is not a stock item so I had my steel yard fab some up for me and they did a perfect job. $94.00 for 12 feet. I added another 13 inches to the original length so I could swing open my tire carrier without unhooking the trailer. I also cut out the box gussets from the old stock and reused them on the new stock to box the frame. I have had a NOS lunet casting and a NOS lunet in the workshop drawer for over a year and figured it was about time to have some fab fun. I used a cut off wheel to slice a notch in the C channel because the extended length changed the original angle from the C channel to the casting. After it was bolted up I welded the slots shut ground and painted. Grade 8 bolts and hardware. Looks a sight better than the original.

Photos of the tent to come later this week.
Looks great man! I love it, did you get your drawers installed, your kitchen comes to mind.

Rezarf <><
Are your lengthened channels straight and spaced out from their mounting points at the rear, or are they bent to compensate for the extra length? Any pics?
Haven't done anything to the interior of the trailer yet. I'm still trying to decide what goes in there besides the camp kitchen. I think the gas cans are going inside instead of on the roof rack as I am putting the RTT up there and it is pretty frggin big.

The extended channel is so close to the proper fit that I didn't want to add another seam and reweld so I cheated a bit. I added another bolt and captive nut behind the boxed in frame. There was a support there that added no strength to the frame so I 86t it. I did go up one size in bolt dimension to the under side attachment points to beef that up a bit but didn't notch the channel. There is a shot there that shows the camber I added just behind the lunet casting to get the proper approach. I think it is actually more secure than before due to the added bolt. It is still very nicely balanced as well even with the added 13 inches of stock.
This is what we did today. J Womac came over and helped assemble this. And this is the reason the gas cans can't go on the roof rack any longer and may have to go in the trailer.

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