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May 1, 2008
When I purchased my hdj81 I went to ATeb to have work done. I was generally happy with their service, but wanted to find a mechanic in the Abbotsford area that I could deal with. Does any one have any suggestions.
Dec 29, 2006
I highly recommend Ciaran or Rob. For both of them this is not their day job. But if you don't need it done right away, they are a good bet. They both work out of a shop on Ciaran's propety in Langley near 16th and 200th. Worth the drive. See Greg's post: IH8MUD Forums - View Single Post - Places to get work done on JDM and diesel LC's.

Shinji at Abbotsford Japan Auto is supposed to be good. When I first got my truck he did the gear fluids and the tappets for me. You will pay the regular commercial shop rates and expect to wait. He is always very busy between his current clientel's vehicles and the import ones he's prepping for inspection and sale.
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