forest service road maps

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Jun 4, 2007
wondering where to get them, fold out paper maps with fsr topographical maps, with all sorts of trails marked out, as i bought the book "camp free in bc" and "tips and trails coquilhala", and the little maps a great as a reference but a topo map with the trail on it would be awsome as i'd like to explore jacobs lake area between the toll booth area and the tulameen fsr area

hope you guys can point me in the right direction, and i've looked at the backroad map books but not quite what i want, want a fold out paper map of different areas in bc

hope u can help

you can always try the usual Back roads stuff from Mussio Ventures but if you want the true maps from forestry or government of Canada....good luck. Might still be able to get copies from them but likely for large coin and they are still old ones.
Before each Forest District had great yellow BC Forest Servive Recreation site maps, but due to budget cuts very few have them now. Phone the Forest District for the area you want to go and see if they have anything. For example:

BC Forest Service Recreation Map - Campbell River District

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