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Jan 30, 2003
My friend in the UK was getting tyres (very similar to tires) put on his car when this pulled in!
New Image.jpg
Nice piece of history. Is that the actual Rob Walker SWB #7 250 GT?

If so, what is that thing doing on the street, shouldn't it be in a museum or parade or something?

That's funny, you would think the full on restoration and "taking it back to original factory race spec" a few years ago by Ferrari would have done the trick.

I guess they just needed a side road mechanic in Wales to do an alignment to put the finishing touches on it.:lol::lol:

Speaking of tyres

It ain't no friggin' Italian Job but it got some new Z1 Dunlop tyres
just recently. Light weight wheels and panhard and tubular anti-sway bar
mods as well. Here corner...nice corner.
I miss my old Spyder. Those Italian cars have soul with style and performance.
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hey i think i saw u a couple weekends ago around pumpkintown!!

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