For Sale: (4) Used KO BFG 285/75/R16

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Mar 5, 2004
Denver, Colorado
Well, I drove my 80 over 7,000 miles in the month of June (Alaska and back) and one of my tires has started to bulge. I have decided to replace the whole set and change tire size while I'm at it. Minus the damaged tire, here is what I have, all BFG KO's purchased in December 2010. Must pick up in Prescott, AZ.

(3) worn tires with maybe 20%-30% tread remaining? See picture. These have 56,000 miles on them. Make offer.


Also, (1) spare tire. It is the same age, but it has never been on the pavement since I did not rotate it with the others. 100% tread. Well, it might have to be installed to get to the tire shop, but for practical purposes it has full tread. $100 OBO

So, I have a total of 4 tires. I need to tell the tire shop on Tuesday, July 12 which rubber I want to keep. Not sure if these are worth anything to somebody or not, being the old-style BFGs. I've seen some of you keep running until there is almost no tread, so perhaps somebody wants them for a rock crawler? Keep in mind that one of the tires did experience the beginnings of tread separation, so the remaining ones come as-is.
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