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Had it through Aircare(emissions testing) yesterday and it had an opacity reading of 0.52 out of an allowable 30.0
Bump for you . Cmon people . This is a great example of a BJ74. I know the owner and how well it has been looked after. This BJ 74 runs and drives nice. For those that know, this machine is just "broken in "
Once again another right hand drive. Need a left hand drive:bang:
i will say that the interior is super clean and it has 33" bfg at's , with the 13bt and the stock 4.11's it should zip around quite well , if you dont mind rust , and know about oxidation and how it infests metal , go for it , a felt wiper kit should take care of the grease on the inside of the knuckles .

just think you should let potential buyers know about that and the flatened rear springs , oh and the transmission needs to be dropped and have the clutch release bearing replaced as it is chirping quite badly !
it is the clutch release bearing it makes a very ,very noticable chirp , when the clutch is depressed the noise goes away , there is grease on the knuckles alot for one that was recently rebuilt , and i noticed what looked like splatter marks on the inside of the front tires , peter told me they were probably just water marks from him washing the truck .
Best way to determine if you want to buy this rig is to see it in person. Perception is everything.

Drive it, inspect it, and see if it something you want to buy it. Opinions are like assholes..everyone has them and some times they stink right toynut?
I have to say, I’m quite surprised about toynuts posts. I would believe that most people who after looking at a vehicle they were interested in decided to pass on it would say no thanks and leave it at that. However Monday morning I come on the board to see him essentially trashing the truck after coming by to see it two days in a row, making it out to be a Canadian market rust bucket with the body about to disintegrate if you blow on it the wrong way. Is the goal of these remarks to drive the price of the truck down so I will accept a lowball offer from him? I honestly don’t know. He has since deleted his post in this thread asking if I was “ready for that lowball offer yet?”

I was going to let this go but if I was to read his posts as a third party, he’s essentially calling my character into question and making me look like a dishonest seller. This is far from the truth. To those who have contacted me about the truck, I have shown them the same pictures of the truck as I have posted here, mentioned the chirping noise of the throwout bearing, the flat springs in the rear and offered to take pictures of anything on the truck not shown. Did I mention the grease on the knuckles? No because I assumed that was normal since my previous BJ70 looked the same a couple years after a knuckle job (I’m not a Cruiser expert nor do I pretend to represent myself as one). I did not mention these things to the gentleman from Belize because I first wanted to hear what he had in mind. Getting interest from someone half a world away I was a little skeptical and I was waiting to hear back from him. Would I let someone fly in from half a world away without telling them about every intimate detail of the truck? No, I would not. Hell I'd even pay for a BCAA inspection (AAA for those Americans on the board). Is this the cleanest BJ74 out there? No and I think the pictures reflect that. In hind site if neglecting to put info about the “issues” listed above in the description but instead telling interested buyers when they contact me for more info qualifies as misrepresentation, I apologize.

I am not trying to misrepresent the truck at all and like Bull posted, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one but only their own doesn’t stink. I welcome anyone who is interested in the truck to contact me to come see it for themselves and form their own opinions.
To clear the air again , This truck is great value, reliable and a tiny bit of rust that is easily fixable. It comes with a converter and ALPINE CD player. 10,500 is an exellent price. I would not hesitate to drive around NORTH AMERICA with-out worry. Great Value. A BIG BUMP FOR YOU

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