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I have for sale a 1978 FJ-40 with 74K miles.
I want 8500.00 for it I would take 7500.00 no less. It runs fine, it has new tires, it is complete, as far as rust goes I will not say it is rust free but it is pretty darn close. There are no real issues with it, it is a serious Hoss and will go about any where you want to take it(but you know that) It has the original 2F, 4 speed, everything works, every light, dial, gage, everything! If it has a problem area I would say it is the brakes, and the condition of most of the seals. It sat for many years and many of them leak/weep. I wouldn't be afraid to drive it anywhere but wouldn't want to drive it to far.
There is a Roof rack that goes with it, it has lights on it, and a complete additional frame with fnt/rear differentials, and rims of course but the tires are rotted off of the rims.
Send me an E-Mail to if your interested and I'll send photo's. I would put them here but I don't know how.
Oh, the truck is in Oklahoma City, Ok.
Aug 14, 2005

Since this post I have since learned that I need to post contact info so....
Anyone that is seriously interested in this vehicle can feel free to call me at (405) 324-0654. I can answer any questions and send photos.

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