FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!! 1974 Ute 40 series

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United States
40 series Landcruiser restoration project

1974 Toyota Landcruiser Ute
6 cylinder Petrol engine
5499km (not sure if this would have ticked over I presume so!)

Reluctantly, I am having to sell on this awesome cruiser project as I have far too many other projects on the go as well as struggling to find the time for her with working full time!

Every part of this project needed to completely restore this cruiser comes with the vehicle. The panels, chassis, accessories have been glass blasted and epoxy primed to cure all rust. Some panels as well as the cab body will need pitting holes filled and some filler work if wanting to achieve that perfect restoration look.

BRAND NEW radiator, engine rebuild kit, body mounts, bump stops, brake lines (made to fit the vehicle), master cylinder all included. Also original seats, steering wheel which I have managed to source for the vehicle are included.

This vehicle was running and driving well before being stripped down for this restoration it never missed a beat such a trusty old work horse!! However being a full resto, I brought the engine rebuild kit as wanted to do the entire thing properly.

My email is if you any further questions or are interested in this project or want some more photos etc
Thanks :)





Sorry mate, I haven't drunk enough waikato draught to say ill buy it off ya. But im curious how much you want for it? And could you put up a few more pictures.
Im in the same boat your in, too many projects not enough time. But im always looking out for my next project
Cheers Alex
What the coil springs for? Is there an engine? Or just a rebuild kit? Axles?
Good idea to mention price and location. Also that it's an fj45.
Looks like a fun starter. Good luck with the sale!

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